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Re: Newest fad of Mass bug closings

On 20/04/08 at 03:55 +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Sunday 20 April 2008, Frans Pop wrote:
> > I assume that in _all_ [1] cases an attempt is made to contact the
> > maintainers first?
> >
> > I also assume that this is only done after a package is also no longer in
> > stable or, as long as it is supported, in oldstable?

The closing doesn't mark the bug as fixed in stable, it only allows the
bug to be archived (and they can be unarchived if needed).

> Maybe in general it would be good to announce such actions on d-devel 
> (and/or d-qa) before they are executed. After all, we also announce mass 
> bug filings.

There's nothing new about those actions. Martin Michlmayr used to close
bugs in removed packages. But he stopped after BTS version-tracking was
introduced. Then he posted a RFH on -qa@[1], and Barry proposed to help.

Now, a mistake was made in with nurd{5,6}. It's easy to fix it, just
reopen all the bugs, and mark them as notfound in the version used in
their -close message. It would have been a lot more helpful and less
demotivating to contact the one who closed the bugs instead of mailing
-devel@ with accusatory terms.

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-qa/2008/04/msg00005.html
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