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Re: Newest fad of Mass bug closings

jidanni@jidanni.org wrote:
The newest fad in Mass bug closings is:
	All bugs against package "nurd5" have been automatically closed without further review,
	as "nurd5" has been removed from Debian.

OK, fair enough, until one checks deeper and finds:
	"nurd5" has been removed from Debian because:
		it has been replaced by "nurd6"!

Where possible they are being reviewed. Of course it's possible that I am missing some but say in the case of exim, I specifically asked the exim4 folks about them.

Aside from exim and a couple of other widely used packages (notice I haven't closed the bind ones yet), the majority of them have been removed since 2005 or better and were closed for "obsolete or unmaintained".

Also, would it not be the maintainers responsibility to re-assign a bug from nurd5 to nurd6 if it was still there or no?

If I have done something wrong, please feel free to notify me and let me know but I don't think it helps us any to just say "here we go again".


Barry deFreese

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