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Re: Newest fad of Mass bug closings

Barry deFreese wrote:
> jidanni@jidanni.org wrote:
>> The newest fad in Mass bug closings is:
>> All bugs against package "nurd5" have been automatically closed without
>> further review, as "nurd5" has been removed from Debian.
> Where possible they are being reviewed.  Of course it's possible that I
> am missing some but say in the case of exim, I specifically asked the
> exim4 folks about them.
> Also, would it not be the maintainers responsibility to re-assign a bug
> from nurd5 to nurd6 if it was still there or no?

I assume that in _all_ [1] cases an attempt is made to contact the 
maintainers first?

I also assume that this is only done after a package is also no longer in 
stable or, as long as it is supported, in oldstable?


[1] Except maybe if the removal BR makes it completely clear that the 
package was not replaced.

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