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Re: ITP: initng -- full replacement of the old sysvinit init system

On Mon, 14 Apr 2008 13:14:57 +0200, Michael Biebl wrote:

> David Paleino wrote:
> > Firstly, it's not obsolete, since we only have sysvinit available (if we had
> > upstart, or something similar to initng, I could've agreed here -- and
> > upstart in Debian is way more experimental than initng).
> I doubt you can back up this claim. My experiences with both initng and 
> upstart have taught me the opposite. upstart was way more reliable and 
> mature.

I can't really back up my claim; it was just my experience after an apt-get
install upstart :)

> One reason is, that the current version of upstart in experimental still 
> uses the sysv init scripts. This is by design though, so you can have a 
> smooth transition.

This is great, thanks for the info.

> [..]
> The reason why upstart is in experimental is different (unresolved issue 
> about sysvinit being essential and upstart conflicting with it).

Probably this broke my system when I installed upstart. Going to read upstart's
bug page.

> But claiming that initng was more mature than upstart (or upstart way 
> more experimental) is FUD, sorry.

I didn't mean to, sorry. It was just my one-day-experience. I'm happy that
there's something more mature than initng then! :)


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