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Re: ITP: initng -- full replacement of the old sysvinit init system

David Paleino wrote:

Firstly, it's not obsolete, since we only have sysvinit available (if we had
upstart, or something similar to initng, I could've agreed here -- and upstart
in Debian is way more experimental than initng).

I doubt you can back up this claim. My experiences with both initng and upstart have taught me the opposite. upstart was way more reliable and mature.

One reason is, that the current version of upstart in experimental still uses the sysv init scripts. This is by design though, so you can have a smooth transition.

initng doesn't offer something similar.

With initng you have to replace everything and reconfigure your complete boot system (I know that there is a tool in initng which tries to guess which services to use and activates those ifiles, which is fragile at best).

The reason why upstart is in experimental is different (unresolved issue about sysvinit being essential and upstart conflicting with it).

But claiming that initng was more mature than upstart (or upstart way more experimental) is FUD, sorry.


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