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Re: A suggestion

On Thu April 3 2008 03:03:51 Matthew Johnson wrote:
> On Thu Apr 03 11:54, Andrea Bolognani wrote:
> > And stable is not fine for a desktop in general, because it has outdated
> > packages which are not what a desktop user wants.
> _you_ may want more up to date packages, but a lot of people are
> entirely happy with etch on their desktop. For example, both me and my
> mother.
> I'd also go as far to say that most corporate Linux desktops, to pick
> another example, would welcome the lack of change for 18 months.

Stable is a poor solution for desktops because it doesn't support
recent hardware.  For a long time now we've had to run Testing
mixed with the Unstable versions of xserver-xorg.*, nvidia.*, and
linux-image.* in order to support recent video and audio chips.

The huge volume of Testing updates, the occasional update failures,
and packages which go missing for months on end mean that this has
not been a pleasant experience.

OTOH, Ubuntu has excellent release cycles but only limited support
for "Universe".

We're currently using Debian while we pray for a fully-supported
distro which can support recent hardware in a stable manner but
the pain is real and we may have to switch desktops back to Ubuntu.

--Mike Bird

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