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Re: A suggestion

On Thu Apr 03 11:54, Andrea Bolognani wrote:
> And stable is not fine for a desktop in general, because it has outdated
> packages which are not what a desktop user wants.

_you_ may want more up to date packages, but a lot of people are
entirely happy with etch on their desktop. For example, both me and my

I'd also go as far to say that most corporate Linux desktops, to pick
another example, would welcome the lack of change for 18 months.

> Testing is fine for a desktop, as long as you know you may have to deal with
> breakages from time to time. Not that it happens often, at least from my
> experience.

Many people don't want breakage. Linux hobbiests may want the constant
latest version, and they can cope with testing (or, often, run ubuntu or
gentoo for that reason), but most computer users would rather things
_didn't_ change regularly, and those people are also our target


Matthew Johnson

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