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Re: triggers wishlist

Mike Bird dijo [Mon, Mar 31, 2008 at 03:38:14AM -0700]:
> On Sun March 30 2008 23:01:40 Christian Perrier wrote:
> > You're apparently living in that past, where debian-devel was a
> > playground for trolls and flames. Welcome to 2008: conflicts, even the
> > most complicated ones like the recent one about dpkg, are now solved
> > by discussion and constructive approach. This can take time, this can
> > be more complicated than a few patches to C code....
> Christian,
> You are mistaken.  There are at least three dpkg problems: (a) that the
> triggers feature has been unnecessarily delayed by eight to ten months,
> (b) that bugs in some key packages are not being fixed fast enough, and
> (c) that serious software engineers are discouraged from working on Debian.
> None of these problems have been fixed, whether by discussion or otherwise.
> The fact that none of these problems have been resolved is itself a problem.
> (...)


I'd like to emphasize what I think is most substantial on Christian's
mail here: Flaming each other gives us all a nice tan and is fun every
now and then, but the Debian mass seems to be sick of it. So sick, the
amount of stupid flaming has unbelievably decreased in the last

We have here yet another opportunity to flame each other. Please,
don't take advantage of having the opportunity. I know for a fact both
Ian and Guillem rock as programmers - They don't get along well (or
didn't get along well, at least, in this scope)? Ok, so be it. But in
the end, I _know_ they both put all their effort into making Debian

I am nobody to judge you, specially given my lower activity level of
the last months in the project. Even if I were.

Please stop this.

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