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Re: triggers wishlist

Quoting Mike Bird (mgb@yosemite.net):

> Designing and implementing triggers was a lot more work, and a lot more
> serious work, than merely merging a git branch.  Once you start to learn
> some programming you'll understand the difference.

Dear Mr Bird,

I have no idea who you are and what you did for Debian in the past.

You're apparently living in that past, where debian-devel was a
playground for trolls and flames. Welcome to 2008: conflicts, even the
most complicated ones like the recent one about dpkg, are now solved
by discussion and constructive approach. This can take time, this can
be more complicated than a few patches to C code....

From your own claims, you apparently have a great knowledge about
programming and wisdom about development projects management. Could
you consider sharing some parts of that Wisdom with your fellow
colleagues and also develop the same wisdom in human relations?

If you have no such intent, I suggest you really reconsider your
involvment in this project and your subscription to debian-devel. A
subscription to debian-curiosa would be more appropriate for mails
liek the one I'm answering to currently.

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