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Re: triggers wishlist

Sune Vuorela wrote:

>> Michael Biebl wrote:
>>>> - update-icon-caches
>>>> - update-desktop-database
>>>> 	These are not very slow, nor used by a great many packages,
>>>> 	but triggerizing them would allow getting rid of dh_icons and=20
>>>> 	dh_desktop eventually, which I would appreciate.
>>> =20
>>> Sounds interesting.
>>> What would have a maintainer to do, to support triggers?
>>> As a lot of Gnome/KDE packages use cdbs, would fixing kde.mk/gnome.mk be
>>> sufficient?
> I think kde.mk is mostly used to set correct autofoo arguments and such.
> Not about the postinst snippets, where kde.mk just relies on the cdbs
> debhelper.mk bruteforcing.
>> The maintainers of packages using them then stop running them manually
>> in the maintainer scripts. This could be accomplished by a debhelper
>> modification.
> A debhelper modification and a binNMU of related packages ? ;)
> Maybe having the trigger enabled dh_foo fill in misc:Depends with a
> versioned dependency on a trigger aware dpkg ?

If I read the triggers documentation correctly, the situation is a bit
different (please correct my, if I'm wrong. I just quickly glanced at
update-icon-caches/update-desktop-database would have to be made
triggers-aware and install a triggers control file
(e.g. interest /usr/share/icons or interest /usr/share/applications [1])

A package installing icons or a desktop file, would remove all calls to
dh_desktop/dh_icons (that's why cdbs kde.mk/gnome.mk would have to be
updated to remove the dh_desktop/dh_icons calls). The triggers would be
activated by installing files into the above directories.

An alternative would be, to keep dh_desktop/dh_icons around, to provide
backwards compatibility (if triggers-aware dpkg is installed, they would
be simple no-ops, otherwise they would behave as before).


[1] Will changes to subdirectories (e.g /usr/share/applications/kde)
also lead to a trigger, or would one have to register all subdirectories

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