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Re: triggers wishlist

Michael Biebl wrote:
> > - update-icon-caches
> > - update-desktop-database
> > 	These are not very slow, nor used by a great many packages,
> > 	but triggerizing them would allow getting rid of dh_icons and 
> > 	dh_desktop eventually, which I would appreciate.
> Sounds interesting.
> What would have a maintainer to do, to support triggers?
> As a lot of Gnome/KDE packages use cdbs, would fixing kde.mk/gnome.mk be
> sufficient?

The maintainer of those scripts would need to change them to use
triggers, dpkg's triggers.txt explains how, and it's easy for this kind
of program.

The maintainers of packages using them then stop running them manually
in the maintainer scripts. This could be accomplished by a debhelper

see shy jo

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