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Problems with ia64 and lcd4linux (Was: s390 buildd?)

[Reinhard Tartler]
> Can lcd4linux be pushed to testing despite of the 'missing' ia64 build
> please, then?

It can't be pushed like that, and forcing it into testing with
architecture skew will increase the work load on the release masters
in the future when they need to clean up the mess shortly before the
release.  You got two options:

 1) Fix the source to build again on ia64.  This is fairly quick and it
    will take 2-10 days to propagate into testing after it is done.

 2) Ask the ftpmasters to remove the ia64 binaries from the archive.
    This take a random amount of time, as the ftpmasters need to get
    through their todo list and down to your removal request.  If they
    discover that it is easy to solve by adding some #ifdefs to the
    source, I suspect they will ask you to use option 1) instead.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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