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Re: What CDs and DVDs should we produce for lenny?

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AJ wrote:
>On Sun, Mar 16, 2008 at 11:59:52PM +0000, Steve McIntyre wrote:
>>  2 small CDs per arch (business card, netinst)
>>  ~30 CDs per arch for a full CD set
>>  ~4 DVDs per arch for a full DVD set
>>  (total 353 CDs, 51 DVDs, 426 GB)
>Bluray image? Apparently there's been a winner in the format wars,
>and we could probably fit an entire arch on a single disc...

Yeah, that would be cool. When somebody gets the time to work on it
and test the output. :-)

>Should we be counting a live CD/DVD/BD image in there too?

Probably, yes. I looked into live CDs for etch, but had problems. I
should be looking into that again for lenny.

>Is it possible to do a javascript implementation of jigdo, so we could
>reasonably just publish a list of the files that need to go on most of
>the CDs instead of the entire iso images? If you can download an image
>via jigdo just by clicking in your browser, that'd seem like we could
>rely on jigdo much more heavily than we have.

Ooh, now that's a cute idea. :-) I'll add that as a SoC suggested
project right now.

>How many different boot images do we have these days? We used to have
>a different boot image on each of the first N CDs, do we still do that?

No, we gave up on that quite a while ago.

>Is there really a lot of value in the netinst image, versus the business
>card? You're going to be downloading stuff anyway, so the only difference
>I can see is if your system can download once you've got base installed,
>but can't from the installer. Would it be simpler just to expect that
>class of people to grab a full CD/DVD image (and thus have more than just
>base available once they've rebooted and are trying to get net working)?

The netinst is much more likely to be useful longer-term; you have a
minimal but useable base system from the CD, with nothing further
required. If (for example) there has been another point release or d-i
update since your businesscard image was created it may break...

>At a bare minimum:
>	- installer - downloadable     (business card)
>	- installer+base - jigdo-only? (netinst)
>	- CD - disk 1 downloadable, disk 2+ jigdo-only
>	- DVD - disk 1 downloadable, disk 2+ jigdo-only
>	- BD - one image jigdo-only
>That's 25MB + 650MB + 4GB of images per-arch, for about 61GB in total,
>plus a whole bunch of jigdo images (about 500?).


>Is it possible to create a jigdo image without creating the full
>ISO? ie, to go from a list of files you want on the ISO straight to a
>jigdo template without the intervening step of actually copying all the
>files around?

Oh, absolutely. That's one of the biggest changes I made in
debian-cd/mkisofs to improve performance. However... if we want to
continue providing torrent downloads (which are very popular, I
understand) then we do still need to make the full images too.

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
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