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Re: What CDs and DVDs should we produce for lenny?

On Sun, Mar 16, 2008 at 11:59:52PM +0000, Steve McIntyre wrote:
>  2 small CDs per arch (business card, netinst)
>  ~30 CDs per arch for a full CD set
>  ~4 DVDs per arch for a full DVD set
>  (total 353 CDs, 51 DVDs, 426 GB)

Bluray image? Apparently there's been a winner in the format wars,
and we could probably fit an entire arch on a single disc...

Should we be counting a live CD/DVD/BD image in there too?

Is it possible to do a javascript implementation of jigdo, so we could
reasonably just publish a list of the files that need to go on most of
the CDs instead of the entire iso images? If you can download an image
via jigdo just by clicking in your browser, that'd seem like we could
rely on jigdo much more heavily than we have.

How many different boot images do we have these days? We used to have
a different boot image on each of the first N CDs, do we still do that?

Is there really a lot of value in the netinst image, versus the business
card? You're going to be downloading stuff anyway, so the only difference
I can see is if your system can download once you've got base installed,
but can't from the installer. Would it be simpler just to expect that
class of people to grab a full CD/DVD image (and thus have more than just
base available once they've rebooted and are trying to get net working)?

At a bare minimum:

	- installer - downloadable     (business card)
	- installer+base - jigdo-only? (netinst)
	- CD - disk 1 downloadable, disk 2+ jigdo-only
	- DVD - disk 1 downloadable, disk 2+ jigdo-only
	- BD - one image jigdo-only

That's 25MB + 650MB + 4GB of images per-arch, for about 61GB in total,
plus a whole bunch of jigdo images (about 500?).

Is it possible to create a jigdo image without creating the full
ISO? ie, to go from a list of files you want on the ISO straight to a
jigdo template without the intervening step of actually copying all the
files around?

If so, then the cost of having all sorts of images available becomes
pretty small: generate a jigdo, let people who want it download the
image using a javascript capable web browser.


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