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Re: dpkg with triggers support (again)

On Tuesday 11 March 2008 4:41:57 pm Ian Jackson wrote:

> Meanwhile I see that Guillem is hard at work making future merges more
> difficult.
> He is polishing revision logs by rebasing changes, reorganising
> commits into a different order, moving code between files,
> gratuitously reformatting[2], etc.

What is it that people don't get from git-rebase(1)?

       When you rebase a branch, you are changing its history in a way that
       will cause problems for anyone who already has a copy of the branch in
       their repository and tries to pull updates from you. You should
       understand the implications of using git rebase on a repository that
       you share.

In short, never rebase something that is already public.

> [2] His most recent commit is 402 diff lines of stuff like this:
>   -static void usage(void) {
>   +void
>   +usage(void)
>   +{

Ugh.  I laughed when I first read this, but now I feel more revulsion.


-- John

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