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dpkg with triggers support (again)

Anthony Towns writes:
> Beyond that, any additional uploads of dpkg will be REJECTed

Therefore dpkg 1.15.2 is now available here, as sources and i386
binaries - a complete upload ready to go into sid:


Thanks to the miracle of using git properly, I am able to get on with
real work like sorting out the build regressions which I inherited
from Raphael/Guillem's tree[1].  Thanks are due to Robert Luberda for his
helpful translation fixes, which which he committed to
Raphael/Guillem's tree and which correct one of the FTBFS bugs.

Meanwhile I see that Guillem is hard at work making future merges more

He is polishing revision logs by rebasing changes, reorganising
commits into a different order, moving code between files,
gratuitously reformatting[2], etc.


[1] I don't mean to imply any criticism here.  Anyone can have a build
regression in their stable vcs tip for a bit.

[2] His most recent commit is 402 diff lines of stuff like this:
  -static void usage(void) {

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