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Re: dpkg with triggers support (again)

* John Goerzen:

> What is it that people don't get from git-rebase(1)?
>        When you rebase a branch, you are changing its history in a way that
>        will cause problems for anyone who already has a copy of the branch in
>        their repository and tries to pull updates from you. You should
>        understand the implications of using git rebase on a repository that
>        you share.
> In short, never rebase something that is already public.

Some of the official, published GIT trees are constantly rebased.
Apparently, the rule is not set in stone.

And some sort of history editing is necessary anyway if you don't want
to incorporate the changes on a branch in toto.  Reverting the things
you don't want is extremely ugly, and can be more work than just picking
the interesting things (the reverts don't necessarily commute with the
patches you need).  That's why marrying highly desirably feature A to
more controversial changes B, C and D is not very considerate to your
fellow developers.

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