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Re: dpkg semi-hijack - an announcement (also, triggers)

Mike Bird <mgb@yosemite.net> writes:
> Your English is much better than my German.  Nevertheless either your
> English is inadequate for the role you are attempting to fill or else
> you are deliberately trying to provoke an argument.

My english has its flaws, but I'm usually able to follow a
discussion. Now that you mention it, I still have an important
question. You may be able to answer it, being a native speaker and
author of this line:

"the triggers enhancement which is needed for boot time improvements"
  -- Mike Bird, <[🔎] 200803091419.58351.mgb@yosemite.net>

In what cases is "needed" not having its, ehm, obvious meaning? You seem
to suggest that "need" in "I need to breath to live" means "breathing
'is a highly desirable precondition' for living", which to my (German,
after all) ears sounds a bit weird. 

BOFH #164:
root rot

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