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Re: dpkg semi-hijack - an announcement (also, triggers)

Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> writes:
> Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt wrote:
>> You seem to believe that Frans decides if and when we are going to
>> switch to a dep-based init system.
> That is a completely ridiculous simplification of Mike's mail and also does
> not do justice to the concerns I raised. I have never said or even implied
> that implementing insserv should be blocked just because of my
> concerns.

Mike did give that impression, which is what I'm argumenting against. My
reply to him was *not* an answer to your concerns, which I find *quite*
relevant [1]. My only point in this thread is that the claim "the
triggers enhancement which is needed for boot time improvements" is a
load of bullshit uttered by someone trying to make a point.


[1]  The important thing is that I believe that dpkg triggers have
     *nothing* to do with this switch - if the other (known and unknown)
     problems with insserv have been resolved, we should do it, no
     matter if dpkg has triggers or not.
BOFH #231:
We had to turn off that service to comply with the CDA Bill.

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