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Re: Timeline for normal buildd operation on MIPS ?

Cyril Brulebois wrote:

> despite the words you're trying to use to mask it, you're really
> harrassing them for no valid reasons.

Actually, he is not. The mips arch (and to a certain extent the mipsel arch)
is causing problems both for the gFortran transition and for the
introduction of armel as a new arch which are now lenny release goals.

>> In order to help the people maintaining such packages to organize
>> themselves, can you publish a timeline of your works and goals for the
>> MIPS infrastructure? It has been more than three months that the
>> backlog is there; this is more than half the time left before the
>> freeze.
> In order to keep the noise on this (these) list(s) at a suitable level,
> can you please stop that? It's been more than three weeks that you're
> ranting.

Likewise, if you would publish a timescale for the implementation of the
solutions which you keep saying are in work then a lot of people would be
able to schedule their work better. All people really want to know is are
you talking about a fix this month or this year?


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