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Re: Mass bug filing: non-UTF8 debian/{control.changelog}

Quoting Bas Zoetekouw (bas@debian.org):

> Of those, perl is a false positive (caused by lintian not detecting the
> correct changelog file), the radius bugs are pending, gkrelmms is
> removed from the archive, and gmanedit is in the process of being
> adopted (but I will NMU it if necessary).
> I should remark here that almost all of the work was done by Christian
> Perrier.  I merely reported most of the bugs;  Christian fixed most of
> them.

Sure but your work helped *a lot* for this. I just found those issues
a few weeks and decided that I would give this a push.

About perl, Brendan O'Dea mentioned me that he will anyway push the
suggestion to change upstream's changelog to UTf-8.....so even if this
is a false positive, it could be fixed at some time.

> > There is one package with a NEWS.Debian encoding problem and 417 packages
> > with debian/copyright encoding problems, but those weren't release goals.
> Yes, I think this should be something for lenny+1, possibly combined
> with moving debian/copyright to machine-readable form [1].

And at that time, because lintian warns about this, the number of
packages should be considerably lower.

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