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Re: Mass bug filing: non-UTF8 debian/{control.changelog}


Thanks for the status update.

Russ Allbery wrote:
> There are four source packages left with changelog encoding problems:
> http://lintian.debian.org/reports/tags/debian-changelog-file-uses-obsolete-national-encoding.html
> There are no remaining packages with control encoding problems.
> There is one package with a NEWS.Debian encoding problem and 417 packages
> with debian/copyright encoding problems, but those weren't release goals.

According to http://release.debian.org/lenny/goals.txt

# UTF-8 debian/changelog and debian/control
  Advocate: Russ Allbery
  Release-Team-Contact: ??
  Description: Fix all remaining debian/changelog and debian/control
   files which don't use UTF-8. These are easily found by lintian via
   debian-changelog-file-uses-obsolete-national-encoding and
  Bug-User: debian-release@lists.debian.org
  Bug-Tag: goal-utf8-control
  Bug-Url: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?users=debian-release@lists.debian.org&tag=goal-utf8-control
  State: confirmed

I think this Release Goal can be changed to "State: finished" very soon.
Another release goal for lenny+1 should be issued inheriting the leftovers from
this one.

The "Bug-Url" field lists several bugs that seem not to exist in sid/testing

#453966: xmms-arts: debian/changelog should be utf8
 * [2008-01-20] xmms-arts REMOVED from testing (Britney)
 * [2008-01-20] Removed 0.7.1-4 from unstable (Joerg Jaspert)

#453982: gmanedit: debian/changelog should be utf8
 * Orphaned, still in testing, not sure about unstable. 
 * [2008-02-11] gmanedit 0.3.3-12.1 MIGRATED to testing (Britney)

#453991: gkrellmms: debian/changelog should be utf8
 * [2008-02-29] Removed 2.1.22-1 from unstable (Joerg Jaspert)
 * [2008-01-21] gkrellmms REMOVED from testing (Britney)

#454016: libglade-perl: debian/changelog should be utf8
 * [2008-02-16] glade-perl REMOVED from testing (Britney)
 * [2008-02-15] Removed 0.61-1.1 from unstable (Joerg Jaspert)

#454027: sgmltexi: debian/changelog should be utf8 
 * [2008-01-31] sgmltexi REMOVED from testing (Britney)
 * [2008-01-31] Removed 2003.00.00-2.2 from unstable (Joerg Jaspert)

#454016: libglade-perl: debian/changelog should be utf8
 * [2008-02-16] glade-perl REMOVED from testing (Britney)
 * [2008-02-15] Removed 0.61-1.1 from unstable (Joerg Jaspert)

Maybe these bugs can be closed or marked as non-blocking?
What about gmanedit? I am Cc:ing the ITA for followup. Anibal, do you plan to
upload soon? Could you mark #453982 pending?

Stuff that still needs to happen:
 * radiusclient: NMU (patch at #456870) by Marga (announced Thu, 28 Feb 2008) 
 * gmanedit: upload with a new maintainer, hopefully fixing other bugs too by
             Anibal Alvelar 
 * unblock of #453954 by #453966, #453982, #453991, #454016, #454027, #454016
             (Amaya, about to).

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