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binary vs "real debian" packages

I've built a few debian "binary" style packages [1] but the maintainer
of my local repository is asking that I have all the "proper" debian
files, like the .dsc, .orig, .diff, .changes, etc so some how he can
sleep better at night or something. He likes dupload for putting
packages into the repo and that requires a .changes

my contents are not source (configure, make, etc), rather I'm more
interested in the preinst/postinst scripts, the Depends part of the
control file, a few config files and placing a few scripts on the
filesystem that require no compiling.

All the howto info that I've found so far is aimed at making "proper"
debian packages from source which means working with dh_make and
checkinstall, etc which I don't thnk I need here. At least, I don't
think that I need checkinstall as there is no "make install" command
to run.

Further, I understand the concept of an upstream provider and
understand that I don't have one in this case, unless I sort of fake
it somehow. Is that wise or is there a well understood method of
having an .orig file and then doing stuff to make your .dsc, .diff and
.changes files? What would the contents of an orig file like that look
like in my case where it's not a source package?

thank you!


[1] http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Debian-Binary-Package-Building-HOWTO/x88.html

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