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Re: Bug#468183: ITP: monkey -- small webserver based on the HTTP/1.1 protocol

William Pitcock <nenolod@sacredspiral.co.uk> wrote:
> But if you are worried about the QA and security team, then why not
> create an unsupported repo. It could even be a good solution towards
> recruiting new DDs.
> Lets call it, say, 'community', 'extras', or 'unsupported'.

One reason why I prefer Debian over Ubuntu is that it does *not*
have that differerence between a supported ('main') and unsupported
('universe') repository. I like Debian *because* there are so many
choices in the main repository and I don't have to worry if a
package is actually well-supported when I install it, and I would be
glad if it would just stay like that. If a maintainer really takes
care of a package, I see no reason why it shouldn't be added even
when there are already several others with a similar feature set.

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