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Re: binary vs "real debian" packages

* William Francis:

> I've built a few debian "binary" style packages [1] but the maintainer
> of my local repository is asking that I have all the "proper" debian
> files, like the .dsc, .orig, .diff, .changes, etc so some how he can
> sleep better at night or something. He likes dupload for putting
> packages into the repo and that requires a .changes

Depending on your local infrastructure, this might actually be the right
thing to do (certainly if you're using the full Debian toolchain,
including dak).  You really need to discuss that with the person who
makes your local policy.

> my contents are not source (configure, make, etc), rather I'm more
> interested in the preinst/postinst scripts, the Depends part of the
> control file, a few config files and placing a few scripts on the
> filesystem that require no compiling.

This is kind of unrelated to the question whether .dsc &c files are

Do you want that your local repository takes the .deb files you compiled
directly, without getting the source code?  This can be done, but there
might be good reasons not to do this (building from source on
autobuilders gives you repeatable builds, for instance).

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