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Re: Google Summer of Code 2008

On 28/02/2008, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> Who said I didn't? But maybe it was in private IRC
> discussions/mails. And maybe I didn't talk to all of them about that
> neither, so I'm biaised.

Because you said that your previous claims were based on your personal
impressions rather than anything else? Why didn't you provide us with
info/pointers, then, instead of “It would be a good idea…”? It would
be nice to stop using maybe's.

> I understand that you are frustrated by the current state of DAM
> (Cyril has been waiting for DAM to review his application for more
> than 3 months).
> I am, too (in fact, I think that our inability to give accounts to
> some of our most active contributors is one of the biggest problem
> in Debian currently).
> But please don't let this reflect too badly on your state of mind.

My state of mind is “nothing too dramatic”.

> I think that your tone in some mails of this thread has been
> unnecessarily agressive.

I think that your trying to keep almost-DD's out of GSOC for bogus
reasons has been unnecessarily aggressive.

Cyril Brulebois

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