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Re: Google Summer of Code 2008

* Lucas Nussbaum:

> I have had a problem with the way GSOC was handled in Debian in the past
> years.

Me too, but I've seen exactly the opposite: someone was funded who
wasn't really active in the area of the project where he worked on, and
didn't use existing interfaces etc. to implement his project.  I had no
idea how to follow his progress, or how to make sure that the end result
is something we could actually use at Debian (or our users could use,
for that matter).

And I'm not really concerned by DDs being paid under the project (my
usual reservations towards Google notwithstanding).  This is Google's
project, if they care about conflict of interest, they should
investigate them before making a decision.  As long as they pick the
actual beneficiaries, we don't need to discuss this to death.  It's not
like they are paying for the addition of a new architecture to the
archive or something like that.

(By the way, if someone in south-western Germany thinks they have got an
interesting summer project for Debian, particularly in the area of
security or systems management, they should contact me.)

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