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Re: the new style "mass tirage" of bugs

On Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 04:19:14PM +0100, Rene Engelhard
> If you give me some time and a co-maintainer at hand...
> I am barely keeping up with *new* bugreports and updating
> the packages, keeping them buildable, backporting fixes
> from upstream etc.

You are demonstrating another fairly serious problem with
bugs in Debian, and that is you are taking this too
personally.  If you are unable to manage with the quantity
of bugs coming in, that's because *more people are needed*,
not because you are personally inadequate.  That doesn't
change John's experiences, and the problem still needs

I have OOo installed and I use it infrequently. I'd be very
daunted if I were involved in it's maintenance. I must be
one of hundreds of people who give a silent vote of
confidence in your maintainership by installing and using
the package -- try to bear that in mind when you're drowning
in bugs and everything seeems grim :-)

Jon Dowland

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