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Re: the new style "mass tirage" of bugs

On Wed February 20 2008 3:43:18 pm Ben Finney wrote:
> Who other than the bug reporter would you suggest should try
> reproducing the bug?
> Suggesting "put that effort into fixing the bugs" is presuming that
> the prospective bug fixer knows *which* bugs are worth the effort. If
> the bug reporter is unresponsive, the bug is unlikely to be resolved
> anyway because it can't be confirmed fixed.
> What would you put in place of triage?

I think that the point is that triage should happen at *submission* time, not 
so long later.

I have learned that certain well-known packages (OpenOffice, say) are bug 
blackholes.  I submit a bug, and never hear anything from Debian maintainers 
except for periodic triage stuff when a new upstream comes out.

If they suspect it was upstream-related, it should have been forwarded.

But I can't submit OpenOffice bugs upstream because we don't use 
OpenOffice.Org's source trees.  Sigh.

There appears to be no place for Debian users to submit OpenOffice bugs where 
a human will investigate.

-- John

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