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Re: Intend to hijack rrdtool

El miércoles, 13 de febrero de 2008, Bernd Zeimetz escribió:
> > 	There *is* a pkg-rrdtool team in alioth, and a public SVN (that you see
> > was having commits as of two days ago).  I had problems to access my
> > @debian.org address and just saw your mails today.
> I've offered to help you with the package several times during the last
> months, I don't understand why you did not point me to the team. As
> rrdtool is not just 'some' package, but one of the most important pieces
> in most monitoring tools, it needs much more time and work than it had
> during the last years. Proper maintenance of a package also means to
> update to new upstream versions in time, and not short before a freeze
> of a new Debian release.
> While we don't want to fight about a package, we insist on a good
> maintenance of rrdtool, therefore I'd suggest to merge our work and the
> two teams (even if I have the impression that you're the only active
> person in your team).

	I am very sorry if I bothered you so much.

	Do you prefer your git, or the Debian SVN or maybe git.debian.org?


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