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Intend to hijack rrdtool

[CCing smurf@debian.org as he is listed as Uploader]


as rrdtool is a vital part of a lot of system monitoring solutions and
should not go into Lenny in its current unmaintained state, I intend to
hijack it.

Unfortunately the current rrdtool package
- is outdated. Currently we have 1.2.19 in testing, while 1.2.26 is out
now, which does not only include a lot of bugfixes (not only for bugs in
Debian's BTS) but also has a significantly improved performance.
ender@debian.org was pinged several times about updating the package, in
#431060 (4 times), on irc (#debian-devel/oftc, Dec 02 2007 03:45 CET)
and also by a mail from me to him one week ago, which was also forwarded
to the MIA team.

- has a high bugcount:
   All bugs 	25
   RC bugs 	2
   I&N bugs 	14
   M&W bugs 	8
   F&P bugs 	1
(while the only F&P bug the mentioned #431060, which is tagged pending
for 33 days now, while being open for 220 days). Looking at the archived
bugs there were only a few bugs closed by the current maintainer, all
open bugs are several months old now.

- Still ignores the new Python policy completely.

If there are no objections I want to upload a new and heavily overworked
package in about two weeks as the very soft freeze for Lenny will be in
the early march, so there's at least some time left for intensive testing.

Best regards,

Bernd Zeimetz
<bernd@bzed.de>                         <http://bzed.de/>

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