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Re: [RFC] Changing priority of selinux back to optional

On Wed, 6 Feb 2008 12:27:45 +0100, maximilian attems <max@stro.at> said: 

> so asking if the SELinux team is ok with adding me as co-maintainer?
> thanks Erich for your concise posting on where the work needs to be
> picked up!

        The place we need most  work is
 1) slat
 2) polgen-dfsg (I need to redo python packaging in there)
 3) setools (I am packaging 3.3.2, and that seems to need a whole slew
    of new packages, new libs -- libqpol, libpoldiff, etc, and new
    python and java binding packages)
 4) policy.  Wait until the new policy upload tomorrow, and then  see
    how to deal with any errors that arise on your machine.  This is
    where the most help is needed.

        If people send in patches, I'll try to maintain a less than
 seven day turn around time on them  starting this weekend.

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