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Re: How to cope with patches sanely (Was: State of the project - input needed)

Le Sun, Jan 27, 2008 at 01:37:25PM +0100, Pierre Habouzit a écrit :
> On Sun, Jan 27, 2008 at 11:23:45AM +0000, Loïc Minier wrote:
> > On Sat, Jan 26, 2008, Pierre Habouzit wrote:
> > >   And in taht sense, wig&pen that allow you to put multiple diffs rather
> > > than a single .diff.gz with your orig tarball is quite enough.
> > > debian/control is already here for the rest, and we just need some more
> > > Vcs-* like headers, or some new resource to list the proper Debian
> > > packages upstreams (maybe in mole ?) since Vcs-* headers in a given
> > > package cannot be updated if the maintainer changes, and that the Vcs he
> > > uses changes location.
> > 
> >  Is the above a proposal to include each individual patch / feature as a
> >  separate .diff in the source package?  IOW foo.dsc would point to
> >  foo.tgz, foo.debian.diff for the Debian packaging, and patch-1.diff,
> >  patch-2.diff etc.?  This doesn't sound very practical for large
> >  patchsets.  :-(
>   Not really, it would point to the orig.tar.gz's, a debian.tar.gz that
> would hold the content of debian/, and a patches.tar.gz that would hold
> a quilt series in it. Or anything similar, that's just an example.

Hi all,

In tried to summarise the current discussion in a wiki. The first draft
is here:


There are gaps in the table: I do not know about dbs and wig&pen for
instance, so people are welcome to modify the page. Pierre, if your
patches.tar.gz proposal is different from wig&pen, feel free to add it
of course.

I also like quilt a lot, but I am wondering if quilt is needed for the
apply/deapply steps at build time. Maybe if somebody could provide a way
that quilt use the strategy of simple-patchsys (apply everyghing that
has a .diff or .patch suffix) instead of the series file, or the
reverse, it would be a first step towards standardisation. (If
simple-patchsys accepts patch with headers made by quilt).

Have a nice day,

Charles Plessy
Wakō, Saitama, Japan

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