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Re: Re: Faster shutdown and the ubuntu "multiuser" update-rc.d extention

[[ Sorry for intruding in a thread read via http://lists.debian.org ... I hope
   I get the reply-headers correct. ]]

> > How feasible would it be to make the pause time a function of the
> > number of processes sendsig must reclaim? That seems to make some
> > sense to me. Obviously there should be a sane upper and lower bound
> > (5 seconds and 30 seconds sound fine to me).
> Not very feasible with the current killall5.  It is the only program
> that know how many processes it is going to signal, and the sleep is
> done by the script calling killall5.
How about going a bit further, and comparing the run-time of processes? 
If a process has had 5 seconds of CPU, and is still not finished, it gets 
killed (endless loop). If it doesn't use the CPU (one of the allowed CPUs for 
this process is idle), it gets killed (as it ignores the signal obviously).

Or, said in another way, the process gets some limited CPU time, and (possibly 
limited) time it's in D state.
Of course, that couldn't be done by killall5 ... but some perl-script should 
be sufficient for that.

How about that?



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