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Re: Faster shutdown and the ubuntu "multiuser" update-rc.d extention

[Joe Smith]
> Obviously removing those scripts should have no impact on the other
> initscripts.

Exactly, (unless there is a dependency relation between two scripts
and one of them is removed from the shutdown sequence. :).

> That does sound like a reasonable solution to the concern.

I extended it to 10 seconds.  It will be in the next initscripts
upload, planned for when the current unstable package migrate to

> How feasible would it be to make the pause time a function of the
> number of processes sendsig must reclaim? That seems to make some
> sense to me. Obviously there should be a sane upper and lower bound
> (5 seconds and 30 seconds sound fine to me).

Not very feasible with the current killall5.  It is the only program
that know how many processes it is going to signal, and the sleep is
done by the script calling killall5.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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