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Re: Opinions needed: reporting lintian overrides

On Wed, 02 Jan 2008, Russ Allbery wrote:
> > Currently on dpkg I have 4 N: lines: one per deb + one for the
> > .dsc. That clutters the output a bit too much to my taste. And ideally
> > it should be at the end of the output (or at the beginning) but not
> > spread in the output.
> I was going to ask: why does dpkg have (and override lintian warnings for)
> Bugs and Origin fields?  It's the only package in the archive with those
> fields set to their default values.
> redundant-bugs-field (0 packages, 0 tags, plus 3 overrides)
> redundant-origin-field (0 packages, 0 tags, plus 4 overrides)

Hum... I don't know. It looks like it got added by Wichert Akkerman in
* Add Origin and Bugs fields to the control file

And the lintian overrides got added by Guillem last year.

Raphaël Hertzog

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