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Re: Editing the sources in "debian/rules clean"

* Adeodato Simó <dato@net.com.org.es> [071226 20:40]:
> I wish everybody did it that way. I'm also happy to see that it's now
> how dh-make will do it, good.

Even better is in my eyes to look if it is possible to get rid of those
files alltogether. I'd guess the vast majority of packages doesn't
really needs to know so much about the actual host, so could easily
work without those. Luckily newer autotools (even vor Debian values
of "newer") do not copy in those files when they are not requested.

So if your package is not using libtool, you might want to check if
it acutally needs those files. If those are in upstreams .tar.gz,
see if they are still there if you remake it with newer automake
and make dist. If they are not in there problem will solve itself
in the near future (check if your command in debian/rules only
copy in those file if they are already there). Otherwise you can look
for unneeded AC_CONONICAL_* in configure.{in,ac} and the included .m4
files. In my experiences someone copied them in without needing them.
(check (autoconf.info.gz)Canonicalizing for what they do, if no
target or target_* variable is used anywhere, it is very likely you
do not need a AC_CANONICAL_TARGET, for example). Upstream might
like that with a minimal change his releases can get siginifantly
smaller and you don't have to think about those config.* files.

	Bernhard R. Link

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