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Re: Editing the sources in "debian/rules clean"

2007/12/26, Florian Weimer <fw@deneb.enyo.de>:
> This the issue, but I think it could be more widespread.  It turns out
> that the package in question (tar) was last uploaded before the
> autotools were finalized for etch, so the copying is not a no-op in this
> particular case (but I hope that the update does not introduce
> functional changes).

Well, it seems quite widespread to copy autotools config.sub and
config.guess files from autotools-dev in clean (I personally prefer to
do that in configure, and to remove config.{sub,guess,log,status} in
clean, so that diff files are cleaner, but I guess that might be
personal taste), are you referring to that, or to something else?


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