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Re: DOAP files

On Wed, Dec 26, 2007 at 02:50:32AM +0100, Luca Brivio wrote:
1) Should we include DOAP files from upstream in packages? (always?)

I think it's a good idea.

2) If so, where? (usr/share/doc sounds OK if they are only provided for sake of completeness, while IMVHO if we want them to be globally parsed and/or indexed it would be good to have an ad-hoc hierarchy under e.g. usr/share/doap)

Well, if we are going to do something useful with them, then we should put them in a central location. I would suggest /usr/share/rdf/doap, since DOAP is an RDF format. Other RDF formats should be in other subdirectories of /usr/share/rdf.

If there's no useful way to manipulate the data in Debian, then we should probably include them in /usr/share/doc simply for completeness.

3) (related to the above question) Should they have uniform names? If so, in what form? Should we distinguish between pure DOAP and «DOAP in an RDF container»?

Since DOAP is an RDF format, RDF tools should be able to parse it whether or not it's in an RDF container, so it shouldn't matter. I think the names should be the names of the source packages that they pertain to.

Of course, IANADD.

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