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Re: Which spell checkers to include by default?

[Manoj Srivastava]
> Are these packages a drop in replacement for ispell?  

None of the spell checkers are drop in replacements for the others.
Each program need to have support for ispell, aspell, myspell and/or
hunspell.  This is why I want us to try to get as many packages as
possible to switch to hunspell, to make it possible to drop ispell

> I suggest we have a look at how many other packages are impacted,
> and what it would take to effect these changes, before the decision
> is taken to drop ispell.

Well, I would not suggest to drop ispell, so we do not have to check
the effect of dropping it for my sake.  Dropping ispell will take too
long and slow down the process of changing the default spell checker
without any advantages.

What I do suggest is to change the list of default packages and dropp
the spell checker from that list, and announce our intention to move
to hunspell as the default spell checker used in Debian.  The packages
that still use ispell, aspell and myspell will still work until we are
able to get them to switch to huspell, and each will have to be
changed individually to switch to hunspell.  For some it is a compile
flag, for others it is a configuration setting, and for others it
require code changes.

This is independent of the question on whether to install a word list
by default.  I have nothing against installing a word list by default,
as long as its size isn't too huge.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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