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Which spell checkers to include by default? (Was: priorities)

[Anthony Towns]
> Kind of reviving an old thread, but anyway:
> It also includes, but afaics, probably doesn't need to (anymore):
> 	ispell, dictionaries-common, iamerican, ibritish, wamerican

[Agustin Martin]
> #416572: ibritish: Should not have priority standard 

We now have aspell, myspell and hunspell as alternatives to ispell,
and it can be argued that all of them are better than ispell at
providing spell checking and recommendations for replacements.
Because of this, I believe it would be a good idea to drop ispell from
the list of standard packages, and the related packages too (i*, w*).

If we were to keep a spell checker as part of the default
installation, I would suggest using hunspell as it is most advanced
and I am told it support the most languages at the moment.  The next
step would be to change all programs currently using ispell, aspell
and myspell by default to use hunspell instead.  The only package I
use that are still using ispell is emacs.  No idea how hard it would
be to update, but it would be a good thing to support for example
Hungarian and Nothern Sami spell checking in emacs. :)

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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