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Re: Is menu orphaned? (Was: Debian Menu transition status)

On Tue, 11 Dec 2007, Bill Allombert wrote:

Your check 'grep -q -c ^!C' is wrong and useless since it might catch
!C in the middle of the file. It is simpler to always add !C menu-1

Right if "!C menu-2" comes next there is no harm if "!C menu-1"
is inserted before.  I'll change this.

Thare are two missing  '\', one at the end of the fisrt line,
on at the end of the third line (unless you reformatted it).

No the entries are right - I guess the reformatting is done in any of
our MUAs.

This leads to the wanted user menu in Xfce4 (unchanged behaviour as before).
Unfortunately fvwm has no menu and if I start sawfish I just get

You probably have fvwm and/or sawfish misconfigured.

I removed $HOME/.fvwm before I was running update-menus.  In how far
can this be misconfigured in a way that with the change the menu is
broken but with the old script it was right?

You can use 'update-menu --stdout' to see what are the menu entries from
the point of view of menu, and compare the output before and after.

I'll try this.

Besides these detail problems - what's your opinion about my request
for a general strategy how to continus menu development?

Kind regards



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