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Re: old bugs are still shown on the bugs page

Michael Banck wrote:
> > And note that that is not because we upload new versions every day.
> > partman-lvm: last version built for hurd: 45; uploaded: 2006-07-19 (1.5
> > years!) base-installer: last version built for hurd: 1.57; uploaded:
> > 2006-05-14
> D'oh, that's a known bug in dak which does not generate Packages.gz for
> d-i/hurd-i386 [1]; I've been told it's low priority.  I suggest you prod
> the ftp-masters to get this fixed.

I suggest that is the porter's job. I'd say it's the porters who are
responsible for getting a new arch properly supported.
At least you now have a good argument why it should _not_ be low priority.

> base-installer is uptodate on hurd-i386,

That's not what the buildd pages tell me [1]:
hurd-i386  1.86  Needs-Build (1122)  23d 10:34  unknown:out-of-date  debian-installer  no log

Or is this another example of incomplete support of hurd-i386?

> partman-lvm is Arch: all AFAICT?


[1] http://buildd.debian.org/~jeroen/status/package.php?p=base-installer

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