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Re: old bugs are still shown on the bugs page

Don Armstrong wrote:
> [There is some argument that I should completely ignore hurd-i386 by
> default since it isn't keeping up *at all* but I haven't made that
> change yet.]

Please do.
It's been anoying for a long time and there is absolutely no improvement.

For example, please take a look at:
hurd 11 uploads behind; 7 out of 20 bugs long solved

hurd 31 uploads behind, 7 out of 33 bugs long solved

This issue keeps confusing me and I keep wasting time wondering why bugs
are still being shown because I _know_ all architectures are up-to-date.
(Except hurd of course, but for all intends and purposes hurd just isn't
relevant for me, so I tend to mentally ignore it. And that's unlikely to
change until it starts keeping up.)

I think I have requested this before. Can we now just do it, pretty please?


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