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Re: Bits from the MIA team

Nico Golde wrote:
> Hi Luk,
> * Luk Claes <luk@debian.org> [2007-12-08 18:21]:
>> Nico Golde wrote:
>>> Hi Mario,
>>> * Mario Iseli <mario@debian.org> [2007-12-06 21:33]:
> [...] 
>>> What is the purpose of this? If the package is well 
>>> maintained I think it's really 
>>> questionable that an inactive co-maintainer justifies a 
>>> source upload just because his name is in the control file 
>>> (like for example in #455011). 
>> To make sure packages don't end up with only inactive (co-)maintainers.
> That could be avoided if you check that every maintainer of 
> the package is MIA.

Note that I wrote 'end up'... of course we don't file bugs for packages
were all maintainers are already MIA: these packages get orphaned right

>> If a package is well maintained it's perfectly ok to lower the
>> importance of the bug and fix the issue in the next upload...
> I still don't see a reason for a bug. An active maintainer 
> will notice this and will fix it by himself I guess.
> To me this is not very different from filing a bug for an outdated
> standards version (e.g. 3.7.2) even if no package changes 
> are needed.

Having packages listing inactive maintainers harms as people try to
contact them. I'm not sure an active maintainer is really sure the
co-maintainer is MIA and thus probably won't remove them...



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