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Re: What to do when the LaTeX sources are missing, but an XML equivalent was rewritten from scratch ?

On 11208 March 1977, Norbert Preining wrote:

> Do the DFSG apply to design???

The DFSG apply to stuff thats put into our archive.

And you know, our SC states "Debian will remain 100% free", it doesnt
say Free Software.

> Well, we are doomed to ship crippled variants of beautiful documents.

People can replace design with $whatever they like in your

> So what options do we have:
> - either we distribute the source code plus the pdf generated from it,
>   which will give the users a document which is "NOT INTENDED FOR
>   TYPESETTING" (from the above statement),

> - or we ship the nice pdf and the source code

> In both cases the user has the FULL RIGHT over the source code, can use
> it in any way he likes. Reuse it, alter it, etc etc. But in the second
> case he ALSO (!!!!!) has the right to have a nice beautiful well
> designed document.

> So do we TAKE rights from the users or GIVE them rights?

We do not take their rights. They are still free to fetch that document
from elsewhere. What we dont change are our general rules *everything*
needs to follow that gets included into Debian. If you do want to
include things that can't go into main: contrib or non-free is for
espeically for that, to make it easy for our users if something doesn't
fit the more strict rules main has...

bye Joerg
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