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Re: ries.debian.org AKA ftp-master.debian.org back

On 11201 March 1977, Thomas Viehmann wrote:

>> The dak files weren't there before the problems but I guess 
>> this is just temporary thing because you don't have permissions to 
>> access them and they are only useful for dak itself.
> They would be useful for adding stuff to the new queue information
> without recalculating, e.g. why a package ended up in new, but can also
> contain ftpmaster-internal annotations.
> Then, I guess the interest in the extended new queue reports wasn't that
> great anyway.

Not that any file in incoming.d.o would be of any interest for the new
queue. (And also not that incoming.d.o is a location that anyone should
run scripts against. Or regularly use it.) (Of course ignoring buildds
and their accepted_autobuild...)

bye Joerg
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