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Re: Opinions sought: mlocate appropriate for Priority: standard?

Josh Triplett wrote:
> Thus, I would argue that:
> * No locate should have standard priority as long as findutils
>   contains locate.
> * locate should move out of findutils into a separate package.
> * Once that happens, if any locate should have priority standard,
>   mlocate should.
> * However, I don't think any locate should have priority standard.

Agreed to all points, except I do think some locate should probably be
standard priority. But not required or essential. It's easy enough to
skip priority standard stuff if it's not wanted. 

Given the security history of slocate, and since mlocate has a similar
design from a security POV, it would be good to get a thurough audit of
mlocate, perhaps trying some of the same holes. At least it doesn't seem
to be vulnerable to the attack described in CVE-2007-0227.

see shy jo

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