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Re: RFC: cups as "default" printing system for lenny?

Manoj Srivastava wrote:

>         Way back when, “standard” was defined as  stuff that an old UNIX
>  hand would say “WTF happened to that?” if it is not present on a
>  default install. While I am unsure of this definition of standard still
>  holds, but as an old UNIX hand I can say that if I am on a UNIX like
>  machine, and I can't just say lpr foo.txt and have it printed on the
>  default printer, I would find the system deficient and un-UNIX like.

That works well with cups if you have the cupsys-bsd package installed.

Bernd Zeimetz
<bernd@bzed.de>                         <http://bzed.de/>

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