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RFC: cups as "default" printing system for lenny?

A few years back, Samba upstream began using CUPS as the default printing
system whenever CUPS support was enabled.  At the time, cupsys was Priority:
optional, and lpr as the standard Unix printing interface was Priority:
standard (or higher), so I patched the Samba packages in Debian to default
to BSD printing instead of CUPS.

Today the circumstances have changed.  It seems that lpr was demoted to
optional sometime before the etch release, putting it on equal footing with
cupsys in that regard, and CUPS itself has IME improved markedly since the
time that decision was made (I'm personally still not fond of the
implementation, but at least it does a better job of talking to printers for
me :).  So I have two questions:

- Is there any remaining reason why the Samba maintainers shouldn't drop
  this patch, switching to CUPS as the default print system?
- Should we consider raising the priority of cupsys to standard, to take the
  place of lpr as an available-by-default printing system on stock installs?

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